Pretty in Pink

A drop-dead-gorgeous necklace-earring-ring suit made with natural pink sapphires and diamonds.

Summer Love

Capturing the essence of summer and blossom, this necklace is made with natural yellow diamonds and white diamonds in an aureate floral pattern aureate floral pattern.

Roseate Blush

An extremely rare collection of natural pink sapphires and diamonds put together as this necklace-earring-ring suite is nothing short of a masterpiece

Cognac Chronical

A rare collection of natural brown coloured diamonds set in a stunning necklace-earring-ring suite, designed for the unconventional.

White Shine

Beautiful like the starburst sky this exotic necklace carries diamonds over 18kt white gold.

Strings of Desire

Fusion of fancy shaped diamonds like marquise, oval and rounds in a design extraordinaire.

Buds of Bounty

Designed as the buds of a flower this nature inspired design has been meticulously crafted to perfection using mixed shaped diamonds like marquise, taper baguettes and round.

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